Air cooled cooled low temperature

Air cooled  cooled low  temperature


Application: It is mainly used to cool down the chemical reaction kettle (chemical heat exchanger), and take away the huge heat produced by chemical reaction in time so as to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling), so as to improve the product quality and production efficiency.

1. Compressor: adopt international brand semi closed 5:6 non symmetrical double screw type air cooled special type compressor.
2. Heat exchanger: evaporator use high efficient shell and tube heat exchanger, condenser use high efficiency copper pipe+hydrophilic aluminum fin; with high pressure, high heat transfer efficiency, maintenance free, long service life, etc.;

3. Control system: using SIEMENS control system, advanced PLC control technology, can accept the programming, perfect communication function;

4. The electrical system: SIEMENS, Schneider and other national brands of electrical components, waterproof type control cabinet;

5. Man-machine interface: Chinese and English man-machine interface, touch type liquid crystal display operation, simple procedures, one key to start, automatic operation;

6. Chiller maintenance: chiller adopts integral design, compact structure, simple, strong corrosion resistance, with waterproof control cabinet, to ensure that the unit can be placed outside the long-term is not easy to fade, corrosion.

7. The choice of environmental protection type R407C or R134a refrigerant.